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罗曼诺夫财富: Wind power industry boom hit bottom rebound

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Wind power industry boom hit bottom rebound

Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission Price Division held a "onshore wind power price symposium", notifying the proposed price adjustment plan, wind power four types of resources from the current 0.51 yuan / kwh, 0.54 yuan / kwh, 0.58 yuan / kwh, 0.61 yuan / kwh, 0.47 yuan / kwh, 0.5 yuan / kwh, 0.54 yuan / kWh Time, 0.59 yuan / kWh.

The above price adjustment scenario is only for projects that will be put into operation after June 30, 2015. This adjustment scenario is not finalized and is currently in the stage of consultation.

Hongyuan Securities [-0.97% Capital Research Report] pointed out that subsidies for renewable energy declined is an inevitable trend, expanding the scope of renewable energy subsidies to promote a larger scale of renewable energy construction, if wind power prices are lowered, the wind power industry chain will usher in a rush to install in the short term, good equipment-related enterprises.

Guotai Junan pointed out that the electricity price reduction will trigger a wave of rush to install the tide. According to the calculation, if the price of a kind of resource area is reduced by 0.03-0.04 yuan, the operator's unlevelled IRR will decrease from 10.2% to 9%, and the leveraged IRR (80% loan) will decrease from 22.5% to 17.5%.

Guotai Junan believes that the trend of wind power recovery in 2014 determines that Huayi Electric [0.81% capital research paper], Xiangtan Electric Shares [1.20% capital research paper], Jixin Technology [0.35% capital research paper], Taisheng Wind Energy [2.25% capital research paper], Tianshun Wind Energy [2.83% capital research paper] benefit. (according to securities times net)
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